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Everyone has the right to live. Oppose the war and let’s spread peace. | 9 Images

The whole world is made up of countries where the people are living with protecting their own country resources. Some countries try to invade another for the purposes of colonization, acquiring resources of that country and much more.  So, all countries have to defend themselves from these attacks by other countries. That is the reason why every country has to allocate a huge budget to defence services of their country giving a considerable amount to military activities such as importing new weapons, recruiting new soldiers and researching new military inventions.

Weapon technology will have been developed from bows to huge missiles. Army weapons, aircraft weapons, bombs, missiles, rockets, nuclear weapons, military tanks destroying weapons, personal weapons, and bioweapons can be seen in the present. Military power is measured by having the number of military weapons, equipment, facilities, flights, and trained military members in a country. United States of America, China, Russia, and India take first raw the power of the military. If a country has good military power, terrorists and other countries won’t look to attack as they know about the results of the worst.





Some small independent countries have to survive and carry out independence from the terrorists and other countries. Recently we saw impacts between Israel vs Palestine and Russia vs Ukraine. Today war is not accepted and it is rejected by all countries in the world, as a result of which we saw what happened to the invaders. In the war between Russia and Ukraine, the World mass rejected the Russian invasion and they hold all the services provided to Russia and which led to a reduction in the economy of the country as never before.





Defence is very important in a war. We saw that when Israel was attacked by Palestine, they were protected by their air defence system without damaging their country. Thousands of missiles were grounded by anti-missiles and which was named Iron Dome.





The iron dome is an anti-missile system, that grounded missiles from flights, missiles, and flights with terrorists in the air. However, war is not accepted modern world, the lives and properties of countries are amerced from it. So, war is no need for humans. We should stand with peace, and humanity and enable a safe world felt everywhere in the world as our home. 







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